Age of Sigmar is Games Workshop’s latest iteration on Warhammer, bringing down the rules to a whopping 4 pages. Even though they are only 4 pages, it can still be quite overwhelming. I have taken the liberty to briefly summarised Age of Sigmar.

Two armies, one victor.

In Matched play 2 armies of equal point values face off to achieve the objectives of one of six random selected scenarios.

In each game, only one player can win a major victory by achieving the scenario goals. If neither of the two players has achieved the scenario goals, the player who has destroyed the most points of enemy units wins a minor victory.

Matched play games consist, at most, out of 5 battle rounds in which both players have one turn. Each turn consists of 5 phases. The hero phase, movement phase, shooting phase, charge phase and the combat phase.

After rolling a dice to determine what scenario you will be playing, both players roll a dice. The player with the highest dice roll decides who will start setting up their units. Both players alternate setting up units, more than 12″ from enemy territory. The player who finishes setting up first decides who takes the first turn.

A Battalion can be set up as one unit allowing the controlling player to finish deploying faster.

At the beginning of each following battle round, both players roll a dice. The player that rolls the highest gets to decide who will have the first turn in that battle round.

In each of their turns, players strive to secure as many tactical advantages as they can. Either by securing points or setting up their units so that they can defend or take points in future battle rounds.

Because the way battle rounds work it is possible to have two turns in a row. This is one of the most important tactical advantages in Age of Sigmar, if executed right.